Pack Up Your Sorrows (Farina/Marden)

Well If Somehow You Could Pack Up Your Sorrows
And Give Them All To Me
You Would Lose Them, I Know How To Use Them
Give Them All To Me

No Use Crying Talking To A Stranger
Naming The Sorrows You’ve Seen
Oh Cause There’s Too Many Bad Times, Too Many Sad Times
And Nobody Knows What You Mean… Chorus

No Use Ramblin’, Walking In The Shadows
Trailing A Wandering Star
Well There’s No One Beside You, No One To Hide You
And Nobody Knows Where You Are… Ah, But If... Chorus

No Use Roamin’, Walking By That Roadside
Seeking A Satisfied Mind
(Ah, Cause There’s) Too Many Highways and Too Many Byways
And Nobody Walking Behind… Oh, But If... Repeat Chorus

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