On Earth As In Heaven (Jenny George)

More than stone holds us together a community of faith
It's more than brick and mortar that keeps us feeling safe
More than bread dipped in wine words of wisdom as we leave
Easter lilies in the spotlight or the lights on Christmas Eve

More than the chancel draped in prayer shawls sacraments of love
Or the sounds of the organ or voices from above
We gather together and we touch the offering plate
We walk with you on the labyrinth as we learn to wait

And on earth as in heaven it's our heaven here on earth and we
Gather together for whatever it's worth and you
Gave us this day and each and every one we are
Passing the peace and we've only just begun
To say thy will be done when the day is done
To say thy will be done when the day is done

And a piece of our heart is in heaven
And the peace in our hearts is from God
And with help of God we welcome (we welcome)
And with the help of God we wonder (we wonder)
And with the help of God we witness (we witness)
The power and presence of love

More than the words of the children welcomed to the chancel steps
Or the voices from the angels rising from the depths
The soft light from the windows bathing everyone in gold
Or the tears that pour out when we've had all our hearts can hold

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